Tudor Blackbay Bronze 43mm Straps - Rock Gold

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Tudor Blackbay Bronze 43mm Straps - Rock Gold

Description : A smokey mix of brown and gold, the Rock Gold offers an earthy feel that goes well with grounded field watches. The natural grain of the Italian cowhide aids in its resolute feel, making this strap a nice accompaniment to chronographs and GMTs.

Softly pebbled to the touch, the natural-grain texture of the fine Italian cowhide emanates a casual feel that never takes away from its raven-hued refinement.

No two Rock Serie will ever look the same, making it as unique as you and tells the story of everything you, and your timepiece has been through.

Material : Crafted from the highest grade of leather using natural tanning from plants give them their rich colour, and the ability to age with grace as it gains a natural patina over time.

Thickness : 4.00mm

Stitching : Each stitching hole is punched by antique awl with "Box" Stitch Pattern the stitching is carried across the strap at the lugs thus forming a box.

Edges : Scuffing style edges to bring out the fray ensures that our straps look at least a half a century old, in a way that deserves appreciation.

How it's made : Over 10 hours of labor and precision were involved in the making of this strap for a luxe look and feel. An extraordinary watch strap to lust after.

Warranty : This watch strap is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for its intended purpose.

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