About Us

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Darren Steinwald. My dad is working on watch straps industry for a decade, and have been selling more than 20,000 straps ever since. He work with various famous strap maker, and can build almost any watch bands. Inspired by him, I opened my own workshop, with selected artisan and professional to build a new brand that has a vision to be #1 strapmaker in the world.


What is Liger Straps?

 Liger is a real animal which is a hybrid of a male lion, and a female tiger. Inspired from that creature, I want to hybrid "handcrafted strap making", and "technology innovation” into a perfect watch strap. Liger strap is not only elegant, but also unique, because all straps making process are still using a small manual tools from cutting, burnishing, distressed/vintage process (for vintage collection), edge sealing, colouring, coating, and hand stitching. However, I also put an advanced "curved end” technology, ” to make zero gap between the straps and watch case. It will look super neat and fantastic. I can proudly say that I’m the first and the only strap maker who can build the curved end technology for all watches in the world. So it’s handmade, but it’s perfect fit.

Why should You buy from Liger Straps?

  1. Curved End Technology: First, I’m the only strapmaker in the world that can hybrid-ing the perfect "handcrafted strap making”, and "technology innovation”. You can simply google it, for example: “Roger Dubuis custom straps”, and I can bet that no one can do it. Here, I can do all Rolex, all Richard Mille, even Tag Heuer Connected watch that has super complicated lug attachment.
  2. Custom is my standard. You might think, “Hey, there’s a rubber band that has curved end out there!”. Yes, that’s true, but that’s rubber, which can’t be customised to your perfect size. Here, I can do all the customisation you request. You can personalise your strap with your choice of leather materials, stitching color, buckle style, printing or laser engraving. Your strap is unique and one of kind in the world. It’s very personal, and it’s only made for you.
  3. 1 Year Warranty Support. Building a high quality watch strap that is beautiful, perfect fit, and durable is extremely difficult. We want to make sure you get the product that’s not only beautiful to look at, and comfortable to wear, but also the one that’s durable enough for long use.
  4. Magnificent Hand Crafted. We take pride on our "vintage club” strap, which is finished by hand with up to 10 step process, and every strap comes with an exclusive patina-like shimmer with its own individual colour tones. The technique makes leather look as if it had already been lovingly cared for over a period of several years despite the fact that it is brand new. A special patina and the wonderful gradation of colours is our hallmark and proof our artisan skill. So, whether you prefer an elegant alligator or exotic band, into a unique vintage strap, I can make it come through.
  5. Leather Edge Sealing. Different from a vintage collection, a perfect and elegant alligator or calf leather has to be “perfect in shape and edge. I use the best leather edge sealing, and burnish the edge of each straps up to 7 times, while other only do 2 to 3 steps. You will realise how different our edge from the others.


    Crazy Fact:

     This about us page is made by dad when I was two, because he want to pass on his watch strap business to me later when I’m ready. Cheers.