Breitling Super Ocean Straps - Ponte Vecchio

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Breitling Super Ocean Straps - Ponte Vecchio

Description : Another one of the most famous style straps for a Panerai enthusiast. The Ponte Vecchio is a calf leather processed using traditional Italian tanning artistry. This leather develops wearing-specific surface deviations. It thus becomes an individual “dress” for the watch it adorns.

The material is also characterized by a so-called “pull-up” effect: variable colour shades when the material is bent. Ponte Vecchio comes completely pure and natural, without any additional lacquer finish. Treated in three different ways: tanning, dyeing and finishing. The processes are aimed at providing resistance against external influences and at giving to the leather the final aesthetic appearance.

A really nice strap to set your watch apart from others, even if it’s not a Panerai!

Material : Calf leather with natural surface structures that are accentuated by additional processing, refining and finishing done by hand by expert artisans.

Thickness : 5.0mm on padding area taper down to 3.0mm on holes area

Stitching : Each stitching hole is punched by antique awl with "Box" Stitch Pattern the stitching is carried across the strap at the lugs thus forming a box.

Edges : The leather edge is first sealed with edge paint for humidity resistance, and then repeatedly layered with iron-heated waxed coating for a smooth finish.

How it's made : Over 10 hours of labor and precision were involved in the making of this strap for a luxe look and feel. An extraordinary watch strap to lust after.

Warranty : This watch strap is warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for its intended purpose.

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